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Thomas R. Walter

Geophysics-Volcanology-Natural Hazards
Head of Research Team, GFZ Staff scientist,
Habilitation University Potsdam, PhD GEOMAR Kiel, MSc University Freiburg im Brsg.

Research fields

From deep intrusions to hazards in the geosphere. Study sites in Chile, Mexico, Iceland, Indonesia, Etna and elsewhere. 



Raised third party funding for realization of research activities.



Scientific publications, reports, books chapters.



Advisor of over 40 PhD students, MSc and BSc students and interns, field and technical training, teaching at University.

Research fields and processes


Dikes and fissures 

Magma travels along dikes, rift zones and fissures, which I study on Iceland and Ocean Islands all over the world. Recent works at Hekla, Holuhraun and the Geysers.


Volcano growth and collapse

Volcano construction and collapse processes often closely interact. At Merapi, i study dome growth, collapse and interactions with earthquakes.


Fumaroles and Geysers

Fumaroles, Geysers and hot pools offer a glimpse into complex solid-fluid interactions. They are a volcano analogue. See my publications from Iceland and Chile.



Seismo-tectonics, that is the faulting and deformation occurrence associated with earthquakes. I study source processes and stress changes.


Structural analysis

One of my specialities is the structural analysis at volcanoes. Volcano-fault interactions and triggering are my favorites.


Field observations and monitoring

Monitoring volcano- and seismo-tectonic activities and process studies include satellite and UAV sensing and geophysical technologies.


Data processing

Change detection and data mining is essential. Photogrammetry and computer vision are increasingly being used by my team.



Simulation of observed deformations and activity changes allows obtaining a glimpse into the deep earth.

Student supervision

If you are a student, seeking new challenges, are skilled in geosciences, remote sensing, geophysics and computation, and interested to learn new things, please contact me and we find a project for you!

Project funding


ERC consolidator project 

The aim of this project is to develop radar and time lapse photogrammetric technologies for volcano dome growth and collapse.


Geosphere EDA

The aim of this project is to use radar sensing technologies, pixel offsets and InSAR for natural hazards observations and for future satellite missions.


Geo.X project advisor

Geo.X is a joint initiative in Geoscience Institutions from the region Potsdam-Berlin. One aim is to explore sensors for volcano monitoring.



European Plate Observing System: We are having contributions to volcano modelling and space observation workpackages.


Please find below the peer review publication list. Reprints available upon request.

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